Managing the Effects of Spring Grass and Preventing the Onset of Laminitis

Every year, once winter is over and the snow has receded, the grass starts its yearly explosion of growth. The spring helps bring hay and fresher forage for our horses. 

However, with fresh forage comes the risk of a condition known as grass founder. This condition, a form of laminitis, can be lethal to horses with certain diseases, such as insulin resistance and Cushing’s disease.

According to a specialist in equine internal medicine at the University of Illinois  Dr Scott Austin, “It is much better to prevent laminitis than to manage the damage after the fact.” 

Laminitis can be triggered by many things, including grain overload, repeated striking of hard ground, hormonal imbalance (Cushing’s disease), obesity, and lastly lush grass.

In spring, when horses consume the lush grass, the extra starches and sugars ferment in the horse’s gastrointestinal tract. This fermentation affects the balance of bacteria in the GI tract, which in turn can trigger laminitis.

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