The Benefits of Using Herbal Medicine 

Chinese herbal blends are underpinned by the tenet that the body exists as one interconnected biosystem and that it is a status of imbalance that causes the occurrence or development of disease. 

For thousands of years, Chinese medical practitioners have used herbal medicine to return the body to a state of balance so that it can heal itself. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), using traditional – or herbal – medicine is now a popular choice in many regions of the world. It is rapidly expanding as the medicine of choice in developed countries.

There are many benefits to using herbal remedies to cure your animal’s ailments or enhance their health.

Holistic and Natural Healing

Herbal remedies support overall well-being and are, therefore, effective in preventing the onset of diseases. 

When used to treat a specific ailment, they are safe and gentle on your animal’s body. They target the root cause of the issue and create a pathway for the body to heal itself.

Very Few Side Effects

Because herbal medicines are designed to support and strengthen the body in an ongoing capacity, there are fewer – if any – side effects. And, unlike their pharmaceutical counterparts, there is little risk of dependency. Any downtime between treatments will not result in a significant decline but rather a return of the symptoms you were seeking to treat. 

Under the advice of a trusted and reputable professional, it is also safe to test different remedies or herbal blends. 

Informed and Empowered Healing

As mentioned above, herbal medicines create pathways for the body to heal itself. The better you understand how these remedies work, the better you will understand how to prevent illness, manage chronic conditions, and promote healing. 

Additionally, the powerful positive effects you witness in your animal will motivate you to make the changes required to undertake the healing journey for them. 

Find a Trusted Source

Always purchase herbal medicine from a trusted and reputable source and seek advice from your vet if your animal is being treated with prescription medication. Some herbs can have harmful interactions with over-the-counter medicines. 

Brookby Herbs has successfully been treating animals naturally for over 20 years. Our herbal range is safe, non-addictive and cost-effective. Please feel free to contact us for advice regarding your animal’s health. 

My horse suffers from stiff joints and I noticed a difference after using Free Mover (Devil's Claw) for three weeks. It transformed him into a new animal; happy and moving about normally. I then tried taking him off the herbs for a week and he has reverted back to his tired old self. I really believe the herbs have given him a new lease on life.”

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