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Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My mare develops a strong head flick in the spring & summer. Giving her the Sneeze Free formula every day cuts her symptoms down considerably.

B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My horse (a 24 year old mare) has always suffered from stiff joints. I have been feeding her Brookby Herbs' Free Mover and she's now running around like a two year old. She's a quite a different horse altogether - even the Vet can't believe the difference. I swear by it.

John Cottle, Clevedon
John Cottle, Clevedon
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

When the first paper volume of

I have been feeding Brookby Herbs Echinacea Organic Plus and the Herbal Health blend to my Grand Prix show jumpers for the last two years and I have been most impressed with the results. We used Echinacea Organic Plus for respiratory problems and found a remarkable improvement in the horses health. It also appeared to build the immunity to the many bugs that are now prevalent amongst horses. I am now a convert to natural products, especially Echinacea Organic Plus and I would strongly recommend the use of Brookby Herbs' products.


Best Insect Repellants for Horses

Posted by Jackie Rive on

Best Insect Repellants for Horses

What is the best insect repellant for horses you may ask? Well, natural is the only way I like to go.

Another summer’s day and the horses are gently flicking their tails to repel ticks and flies from their backs - they’ve used this method from the beginning of time and it’s no more effective now than it was back then!

Best Insect Repellants for Horses

Horses are as sensitive to biting flies, ticks and other insects as humans and they never experience relief from these insects without their owner’s help. Commercial insect repellents can be effective, but many are made of chemicals that may harm the horse’s skin and cause other health problems.

Making all natural insect repellent at home not only helps horses be rid of pesky flies but allows the owner to know exactly what’s in it so, if a horse has an adverse reaction, it’s relatively simple to identify the offending ingredient and avoid a repeat offense.

A certain amount of care is required when using essential oils as some natural insect repellents sold in stores or online are highly toxic even though the label may read natural essential oils. Many of these oils are perfume grade oils rather than the therapeutic grade essential oils. The perfume grade is highly toxic and can leave a horse’s skin damaged.

37 herbs and remedies for fabulously healthy animals

Essential oils that are commonly used as insect repellent are:

Idaho Tansy - works as a natural mosquito and beetle repellent and as an anti-inflammatory to relieve joint swelling.

Peppermint - not only works well to get rid of insects but in treating stomach pains, too.

Lemon Grass - used as an insect repellent and to regenerate connective tissue such as torn ligaments, cartilage, and tendons.

Rosemary - works well as a repellent, brings clarity and helps hair to grow.

Eucalyptus - not only an effective insect repellent but also used as a mouthwash and to aid respiratory infections.

Most insect repellent for horses uses a formula that mixes essential oils with one or two other substances.

Always dilute the essential oils before spraying them onto the horse’s skin.

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray all over the horse several times.

Avoid spraying the horse in the eyes and mouth.

If the horse moving away from the spray, the solution might be irritating his skin.

A simple recipe is to place 10 drops of the chosen essentials oil into a one-litre bottle, add water and spray.

The different smells affect horses the same way they affect humans. Be sure not to use a synthetic repellent as they tend to dull the coat.

Buy here our Natural Hoof & Coat Conditioner for horses.

Essential oils can provide a safe and effective way to protect both humans and horses in the long summer months from those annoying biting insects. Just remember to choose therapeutic grade oils and be alert for adverse reactions. 

Brookby Herbs

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