Chamomile for Colic In Horses


Chamomile for Colic in Horses

Chamomile for Colic

Colic in horses happens to many at some time or another, but in most cases, it could have been avoided with the proper care.  Understanding what nutritional and herbal needs your horse requires can head off many illnesses before they even get started or at least become full-blown problems. 

Colic is very uncomfortable for the horse and in some cases quite painful.  The signs of colic in horses could be any of the following.

  • Pawing at the ground
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Breathing faster than normal
  • Kicking their stomach
  • Trying to roll on the ground
  • High pulse rate
  • Stretching legs out as if trying to relieve themselves

First, let’s talk about what chamomile is and how it can help colic in horses.

Chamomile is a perennial herb that is used for several herbal and homeopathic remedies for humans and horses.  It is part of the Asteraceae family and in the past centuries was first used as a sleep aid for humans and has even been documented to help with stomach problems in horses.  It can be a calming agent for horses but is perfectly safe for them.

Chamomile can treat various conditions from the skin to nerve problems as well as treat digestive problems like colic and the sours.

Colic can range from a mild stomach upset and gas to a severe intestinal problem so being on the alert for signs of colic can help treat it before it gets to the severe stage.  Some natural herbs in your pasture can help, but due to location and season, they are not always available.

Yes, you could plant certain herbs and flowers, and that’s always an option, but again they will only grow during certain seasons. You will need to buy supplements during those times to make sure your horse gets all the minerals and supplements they need.  This extra supplement could very well be what stops colic in horses for you. 

Natural Herbs That Help Colic in Horses and General Health

  • Dandelion – boost the digestive system
  • Valerian Root – relieves tension
  • Chamomile – digestive relaxant
  • Meadow Sweet – anti-inflammatory
  • Peppermint – normalizes digestion

Main Cause of Colic in Horses

Horses need to move because when they move they eliminate.  Colic in many cases is caused by two things.  They are lack of movement and lack of forage.  In fact, the leading cause of death in stabled horses is colic, so it’s a serious matter!

Penned up horses have to eliminate where they are, and this also contaminates the grass, etc.  A healthy horse is one that gets plenty of exercises and needs to be let out to run for a while each day or taken for a ride.

Horses were originally meant to roam free so being cooped up for long periods of time is very detrimental to their health. 

Colic in horses can be deadly for some, but in most cases, a vet can help you get your horse back to health in a relatively short period of time.  Do what you can to keep them healthy so a trip from the vet may not be necessary.  Health supplements like Chamomile and kelp, a mineral supplement,  will certainly get you on the right track and your horse will love it! Also, these herbal calmers will work to ease the tension. 

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