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Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My mare develops a strong head flick in the spring & summer. Giving her the Sneeze Free formula every day cuts her symptoms down considerably.

B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My horse (a 24 year old mare) has always suffered from stiff joints. I have been feeding her Brookby Herbs' Free Mover and she's now running around like a two year old. She's a quite a different horse altogether - even the Vet can't believe the difference. I swear by it.

John Cottle, Clevedon
John Cottle, Clevedon
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

When the first paper volume of

I have been feeding Brookby Herbs Echinacea Organic Plus and the Herbal Health blend to my Grand Prix show jumpers for the last two years and I have been most impressed with the results. We used Echinacea Organic Plus for respiratory problems and found a remarkable improvement in the horses health. It also appeared to build the immunity to the many bugs that are now prevalent amongst horses. I am now a convert to natural products, especially Echinacea Organic Plus and I would strongly recommend the use of Brookby Herbs' products.


Yarrow -A Herbal Alternative

Posted by Jackie Rive on

Yarrow -A Herbal Alternative

Horse care is always uppermost in the minds of professional horse breeders, as well as everyday horse lovers.  Let’s face it.  Horses are special animals and many times need extra special care.  Horses, in most cases, require more care than cows, or other large animals.  Many times they get stomach problems, anxiety issues, and even wounds to care for.  Yarrow, an alternative for wound care, plus how to grow it, is the topic of this article.  First, it is important to understand what Yarrow is.  

Yarrow -A Herbal Alternative

Yarrow is known by many names, and some you might recognize are the thousand-leaf clover, dog daisy, carpenter grass, and green arrow.  This versatile flowered plant is a perennial herb which has feathery leaves — the flowers on this herb range in color from white to pink, orange-red, or even magenta. It is not only a healthy herb; it is a beautiful one!

Benefits For Horses Using Yarrow

  • Works as a hemostat.  Helps to stop bleeding and great for first aid.
  • Has a calming scent that horses find soothing.  Helps relieve their anxiety.
  • Can help to reduce sweating and treat diarrhea.
  • May sometimes help to rebuild damaged nerves. 

**Yarrow is not recommended for pregnant mares** 

Click here to see how to take care of pregnant mares

Some horse care professionals have stated they now use Yarrow for would care instead of penicillin.  It has also been called nature’s bandage by some.  Every horse at some time has experienced a cut on their body or a sore of some kind.  Yarrow can help it heal quickly.  It can be applied by simply sprinkling the whole plant on the open wound or making a compress. Make this by pouring a cup full of boiling water over the herb and leaving to steep for 15 minutes. You can then make a compress. This should be done twice a day for best results.  

How and Where To Grow Yarrow

Growing Yarrow will help you have this medicinal herb on hand at all times.  This herb is native to Europe and very widespread in countries that have a warm climate, like Australia.  It never grows well in humid climates and is susceptible to mildew.  Yarrow plants are easy to get started.  You can use clipping, root divisions, or seeds to begin a garden.  

Planting instructions are as follows.  First, prepare the ground by tilling 12 to 15 inches deep, and then add a two to four-inch layer of compost.  Place the plant in the hole and cover.  Carefully fill in the area around the root ball.  Water thoroughly.

Since Yarrow is perennial, each year you simply apply a thin layer of compost in the spring and a two-inch layer of mulch.  This helps to retain moisture and control weeds.

Studies on Yarrow indicate its great healing powers for horses, other animals, and even humans.  Consider using herbs for healthcare on your horse and give them the very best care available.  Try Yarrow, you and your horse will love it!


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