Dog Skin Problems That Cause Itching

Dog Skin Problems That Cause Itching

 At some point in your dog’s life, they will have a skin problem or medical problem that causes itching.  The dog may be biting at their leg or skin until it bleeds in some cases, or they scratch constantly! 

Dog skin problems that itch aren’t always a reason to go to the vet.  In fact, most dog skin problems that cause itching are easy to treat at home.

You may think that dogs with itchy skin have a serious skin problem, but in most cases, the underlying factor has nothing to do with the skin but rather the problems break out onto the skin.

Various Dog Skin Problems to Look For


Dogs can have allergies and colds just like humans, and the causes are very similar as well.  Allergies can be triggered by more than just pollen and mold.  If your dog is scratching, biting at the skin, has weepy eyes, or sore ears, they may have allergies.  Allergies can be all year long or seasonal, just like in humans.  Also, just like their owners, dogs can have allergies to foods. 

Everyone knows that dogs are supposed to eat dog foods only, but many people do give their dogs people foods at times.  This could be the cause of a food allergy.

High Strung Dogs

A very high strung or nervous dog may be biting or scratching from this nervous energy or in some cases even boredom.  For boredom, it’s important to make sure the dog gets plenty of exercises.  A nervous dog may need something more that will help to calm them down.

Once they are calmer, the biting and scratching will probably subside!

Dry Skin

Dry skin, like allergies, can happen due to a season change or deficiencies in the dog’s nutrition.  Dry skin is very common in all breeds of dogs, but it is one problem where the dog suffers the most.


Parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites can be a real problem, and the truth be told, not all flea collars work as good as you would like.

It is really great for your pet when you can use a natural flea repellent to help stop this kind of itching and get rid of the culprits as well. Parasites are not only bad for the dog but for everyone in the house.

When Do Dog Skin Problems Need Professional Help

Only you know how severe your dog’s problem is and whether the things you are doing to stop the itching is really working.  With most dog owners the first thing they do is put some kind of topical ointment on the hots spots or places that itch, but many times it is merely a simple remedy of changing their diet or giving them some extra herbal nutrition and vitamins.

To be on the safe side, it’s always good to take your pet to the vet if they are experiencing a great deal of discomfort.  If you try treatments at home when the problem first starts, that will relieve the dog’s distress and solve the problem.

The amazing thing about dog skin problems is that other than parasites they don’t differ much from the problems humans have with itchy skin.  Pay close attention to what your dog is eating and make sure it’s balanced with the right vitamins and minerals. 

Keeping your pet healthy is the first step to stopping skin irritations in dogs!