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Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My mare develops a strong head flick in the spring & summer. Giving her the Sneeze Free formula every day cuts her symptoms down considerably.

B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My horse (a 24 year old mare) has always suffered from stiff joints. I have been feeding her Brookby Herbs' Free Mover and she's now running around like a two year old. She's a quite a different horse altogether - even the Vet can't believe the difference. I swear by it.

John Cottle, Clevedon
John Cottle, Clevedon
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

When the first paper volume of

I have been feeding Brookby Herbs Echinacea Organic Plus and the Herbal Health blend to my Grand Prix show jumpers for the last two years and I have been most impressed with the results. We used Echinacea Organic Plus for respiratory problems and found a remarkable improvement in the horses health. It also appeared to build the immunity to the many bugs that are now prevalent amongst horses. I am now a convert to natural products, especially Echinacea Organic Plus and I would strongly recommend the use of Brookby Herbs' products.


Horse Breeds with Genetic Problems That May Need Supplements

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Horse Breeds with Genetic Problems That May Need Supplements

Horse Breeds with Genetic Problems that May Need Supplements

 Horse breeds can make a big difference in how you care for and feed a horse.  Different breeds of horses are susceptible to different genetic problems and knowing these problems will give you the inside scoop on what foods and supplements they need to stay healthy.

Factors to take into consideration are horse breeds, body type, age, and usage of your horse.  Just as in humans, older horses can’t always keep up with the younger ones, and pain and ailments are more common.

This important information will dictate the amount of energy your horse requires to help them perform physical activities or even life-giving functions like blood circulation. This energy comes from their diet and supplements they eat every day.

While grazing areas may be plentiful, they aren’t always full of the right nutrients that different horse breeds need over a long period.

Many times the genetic problems can be helped with the right diet and supplements.  This could be something as simple as grain, or something more complex like vitamins and other healing supplements.

Understanding Supplements for Horse Breeds

Different supplements are made for different purposes, and you need to know how they work and what they are to be used for.  Supplements are meant to complement an already good feeding program.  Below are eight dietary categories that may benefit from supplements.

  • Behavioral issues
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Joint and bone issues
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Performance enhancement
  • Hoof and coat health
  • Enhanced immune treatment

Horse Breeds with Possible Genetic Problems

Quarter Horses – They have possible PSSM Type 1which includes muscle weakness and atrophy.

Miniature Horses – These small horses are prone to obesity and dislocated hips

Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds – They can, while rare, produce foals with OLWS as well as a genetic component called tying-up.

Draft Horses – They have two genetic problems.  They are PSSM and junctional epidermolysis bullosa (JEB)

All Other Horse Breeds – They may have genetic problems not discovered yet but all horse breeds experience illnesses that can be helped with supplements.

In cold weather, all horse breeds get coughs and colds, so it’s important to treat with supplements for that as well. 

Horses can get nervous or have trouble staying engaged.  There are so many things to know about taking care of different horse breeds.  Below are a few supplements that can help some of these problems and illnesses.

As most equine owners know,  a horse needs digestive support, joint and bone health maintenance.  Their coats and hooves need routine care as well. 

If any of your horses are showing symptomatic signs like the ones above be sure and talk to your vet to see if supplements are the right treatment course.

 What Supplements Can Help These Horse Breeds?

Free Mover (click to buy)

Herbal Calmer (with Valerian) (click to buy)

Red Beets (anti-inflammatory) (click to buy)

There are many more supplements available, depending on what your horse’s needs are.  You know your horse and in what areas they may be experiencing difficulties.  Horses are like part of the family, so give them the best!












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