Understanding the Mare Horse Estrous Cycle

Understanding the Mare Horse Estrous Cycle

Understanding the mare horse estrous cycle can be challenging to say the least, but some signs can help you and the mare cope better.  Mares in heat can not only be moody, but they can also be aggressive toward humans, so it's important to know all the ins and outs of what they are going through.  First, let’s go over information about the estrous cycle and how long it lasts.

The estrous cycle for all horse breeds lasts approximately three weeks.  Their “season” lasts from 5 to 7 days.  A mare’s hormone levels and attitude can be off the entire three weeks!  This is the main reason for their moodiness and irritability.

Signs of the Horse Estrous Cycle

  • Signs of aggression
  • They may be reluctant to work
  • May have frequent urination
  • Mare may seem anxious
  • Little to extreme moodiness
  • Raising of the tail
  • Opening and closing of the vulva

The reasons for any or all of these symptoms can be related to the fluctuation of hormones in the mare.  These are estrogen and progesterone.  Many vets will recommend herbal supplements like the chaste berry to help the horse feel much better.

Whenever possible, you should keep track of the mare’s cycle by marking the days on a calendar.  Keep in mind they ovulate every 21 days.

There can also be medical reasons for mare moodiness as well and if you know exactly when your mare’s estrous cycle is you will know if they have another medical problem.  Medical conditions like joint and muscle pain, stress, diet change, sleep conditions, or even change of environment can spark mood changes.

Dangers of the Horse Estrous Cycle

Not all mares get to the point of being dangerous, but you should always keep their moodiness in mind.  Many horse breeders wear helmets when around mares in heat because it’s the safest thing to do.

Some mares don’t want to be ridden during this time of the month, and frankly, they just have a “witchy” behavior!  You know your horse so take the precautions necessary when taking care of them.

Helping Your Horse through Their Estrous Cycle

Steady Mare is a blend of the Chaste tree, chamomile, and vervain and it’s in an organically certified vinegar base.  The chaste tree helps to rebalance the hormone levels while the chamomile and vervain bring back calmness to the horse.  The great thing is that this natural supplement can be administered by mouth or via their food.

Just like humans, mares have that pre-menstrual tension, mood swings, and stomach cramps.  Steady Mare works to treat all these symptoms and make the horse estrous cycle go a lot smoother for all concerned.

The horse estrous cycle is something that can’t be ignored, and while many horses may not show any different signs during this time, they could all use some help.  Most mares will experience two or more of the signs and symptoms listed above and could benefit from some hormone rebalancing.

Keep in mind all mares may respond differently to their cycles, but organic herbal extracts and supplements can always make a difference in their general well being!

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