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How to Care for Horses During a Flood

Flooding can create numerous issues when caring for horses. Skin conditions, injuries, and contaminated food and water are among them. Extreme weather events, flooding and storms can cause a horse to become stressed. In this instance, it is best to move them to higher ground where there is better drainage and keep their routine as close as possible to normal. Ensure they have access to clean water and shelter, and their feed remains dry. Pasture and Paddocks Flooding and mudding paddocks can pose injury hazards for a horse. If they get stuck, they are at risk of pulling a tendon or fracturing a limb. After heavy rain, check for significant damage or debris lying in paddocks. Things like fencing (wires...

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Keep Your Pooch Cool This Summer.

PREVENT YOUR FURRY FRIEND FROM OVERHEATING Whew, it’s getting hot. But we humans are not the only ones that feel the effects of summer’s heat. Our furry friends feel it too. We love to get outside with the family when the sun is shining. Don’t forget that your pet is carrying around a permanent fur coat, so they can easily suffer from heat exhaustion. Prevent that from happening with these tips to keep your dog cool this summer Know the Signs The first step is to recognise the signs that your pet is overheating. The first indicator is panting; this is an animal’s natural attempt to cool itself down. But, if they are in an enclosed area like a car,...

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The Benefits of Using Herbal Medicine 

Chinese herbal blends are underpinned by the tenet that the body exists as one interconnected biosystem and that it is a status of imbalance that causes the occurrence or development of disease.  For thousands of years, Chinese medical practitioners have used herbal medicine to return the body to a state of balance so that it can heal itself. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), using traditional – or herbal – medicine is now a popular choice in many regions of the world. It is rapidly expanding as the medicine of choice in developed countries. There are many benefits to using herbal remedies to cure your animal’s ailments or enhance their health. Holistic and Natural Healing Herbal remedies support overall...

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