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Strangles in Horses - What To Do

Strangles in Horses – What To Do   Strangles in horses is more common than you would think and it’s a problem that can be deadly if not taken care of immediately!  This Streptococcus equi is a very contagious upper respiratory tract infection that causes the horses’ lymph nodes to swell.  This swelling is just the beginning of the problems to come. When this happens, it can compress against the pharynx, larynx, and even the tracheas.  Your horse then has their airway obstructed causing them to cough and have trouble breathing.  Once the horse has trouble swallowing or breathing they experience exactly why this disease is called the strangles! Strangles in horses also causes fevers that can reach 106 degrees and...

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Heat Stroke in Dogs - What You Should Know

Heat Stroke in Dogs – What You Should Know   Humans are not the only ones on the planet that can fall prey to heatstroke.  Dogs and other animals can find themselves in this heated situation as well.  Because many dogs live outdoors, they are more susceptible to having a heat stroke.  In fact, heat stroke in dogs happens more often than you might think. A dog’s normal temperature is already higher than humans, coming in at around 101 degrees so excessive heat and certain medical conditions can be extremely dangerous for them. Heat stroke in dogs is medically known as hyperthermia, and this usually occurs if the dog’s temperature is 106 or over.  This can be very serious and...

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