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Heat Stroke in Dogs - What You Should Know

Heat Stroke in Dogs – What You Should Know   Humans are not the only ones on the planet that can fall prey to heatstroke.  Dogs and other animals can find themselves in this heated situation as well.  Because many dogs live outdoors, they are more susceptible to having a heat stroke.  In fact, heat stroke in dogs happens more often than you might think. A dog’s normal temperature is already higher than humans, coming in at around 101 degrees so excessive heat and certain medical conditions can be extremely dangerous for them. Heat stroke in dogs is medically known as hyperthermia, and this usually occurs if the dog’s temperature is 106 or over.  This can be very serious and...

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Horse Breeds with Genetic Problems That May Need Supplements

Horse Breeds with Genetic Problems that May Need Supplements  Horse breeds can make a big difference in how you care for and feed a horse.  Different breeds of horses are susceptible to different genetic problems and knowing these problems will give you the inside scoop on what foods and supplements they need to stay healthy. Factors to take into consideration are horse breeds, body type, age, and usage of your horse.  Just as in humans, older horses can’t always keep up with the younger ones, and pain and ailments are more common. This important information will dictate the amount of energy your horse requires to help them perform physical activities or even life-giving functions like blood circulation. This energy comes...

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