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Blending Herbs for Greater Efficacy

For thousands of years, Chinese medical practitioners have used herbal remedies to correct imbalance and restore equilibrium in the body. However, the efficacy of these remedies is determined by combining herbs according to various principles and characteristics. When herbs are blended correctly, they work synergistically to accomplish specific goals.  Let’s look at inflammation as an example. Chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on the body and result in disease. A build-up of toxins, too much acidity, and high blood pressure are known contributors to the body’s inflammatory response. Devil’s claw contains several active compounds that help improve this response.  On its own, devil’s claw is an effective anti-inflammatory. But, when combined with meadowsweet, willow bark and hawthorn, as in our Free-Mover...

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Four naturally calming herbs for dogs

Anxious, nervy or excitable dog?Specific herbs are brilliant for calming your nervous dog, providing a natural and safe alternative to pharmaceutical meds and their nasty side effects. Using herbs for dogs is a mild, non-addictive and cost effective way for calming your dog – especially as they don’t require a vet visit and prescription.

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