Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

See how natural remedies can help with hip dysplasia in dogs. Hip dysplasia and arthritis in dogs are all too common these days, but it can be helped by herbs such as Organic Free Mover. It is thought that maybe one in every five dogs is struck with arthritis and it appears to be one of the most often seen health issues by vets.

Because dogs have a tendency to ignore pain and discomfort unless it is severe, the symptoms can easily go unnoticed in the early stages. This is where herbs can come into play perfectly with hip dysplasia as they can help to maintain a healthy muscular-skeletal system and help reduce inflammation and increase circulation which is just as important with hip problems as well as arthritis.

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Possible signs of arthritis or hip dysplasia in your dog

  • Observe your dog when he gets up from sleeping –does he look stiff?
  • Disinterested in chasing a ball?
  • Difficulty walking up and down stairs
  • Difficulty getting in and out of the car
  • Loses his balance and stumbles a lot
  • Constant licking of the affected area
  • Cries in pain or sensitivity to being touched

All of these are possible signs of arthritis and hip dysplasia and need your attention. Herbs can have an amazing effect on the body and are definitely worth considering. Herbal treatments are used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Often safer and more gentle than conventional treatments such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or corticosteroids to treat arthritis)
  • Minimal if no side effects compared to conventional treatments 
  • Able to be fed long-term 
  • Often they are much more affordable for long-term use

Causes of arthritis and hip dysplasia

Certain dogs appear to be more likely to develop arthritis. Broadly speaking you can say that large breed dogs such as Retrievers, Labradors or Great Danes are more prone because they have more weight on the joints. 

Problems with immunity or an animal being overweight are other common causes for arthritis. This causes inflammation of the joints and general pain in the animal.

Bulldogs generally have terrible hips and a lot of the larger breed dogs such as German Shepherds also have poorly formed hips and have a tendency to develop hip dysplasia. Certainly, this is not guaranteed though but merely a possibility to watch out for.

A careful examination of the family history of both parents can reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of hip dysplasia. Two main organizations, The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and PennHip, evaluate hips and compile databases of hip health in breeding dogs. Before acquiring a dog, you should look at the hip evaluations of both parents as given by either the OFA or PennHip. You should also inquire about the hip evaluations for other members of your dog's family such as grandparents and siblings. There is still no cure for arthritis which makes it all the more important to try and prevent it from happening in the first place. The earlier you start feeding preventative foods the better.

Herbs such as Devil’s Claw, which is an anti-inflammatory herb can be hugely beneficial for a dog who is starting to show signs of arthritis. It is also a pain killer and seems to work very nicely with animals. 

There are of course steroids available from your vet such as Prednisone and other corticosteroids which will definitely reduce the swelling and inflammation but using these long term can have their own problems so it is wise to do some research..

There is now widespread availability of nutraceuticals and herbal products such as Devil's Claw, Meadowsweet, White willow bark which all assist in decreasing inflammation. These herbs have proven to be significant contributors to easing the discomfort of arthritis in animals and can be used in conjunction with other medicines.

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 Although supplements will not reverse structural changes in a joint, they can reduce pain and inflammation of the joints, and help improve the health of surrounding soft tissue. Herbs not only contain natural pain relieving properties but assist by cleansing the toxins from the body. Organic Free Mover is the perfect herbal remedy for this condition. Easy to feed and safe for long term use.

Devils Claw has proven to be highly effective in German studies for its anti-inflammatory nature and White Willow bark and Meadowsweet are both considered natural pain relievers.

With arthritis, it is also important to reduce the acidity in the body. This can be helped with Meadowsweet, which is said to neutralise the acid in the stomach. Cider vinegar is another popular nutritional that is used in the aim of preventing these diseases.

For animals that may be getting on in years, it is wise to remember that they suffer just the same way that we do and that effective treatment is available. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from arthritis then please see your vet and also look at how herbs can be incorporated safely and effectively into a healthy diet. Remembering the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Hip dysplasia and arthritis can effectively be helped with herbs.

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