Natural Flea Remedy for Dogs

With spring and summer on the horizon, fleas become an issue for both animals and humans alike. Unfortunately, we find though that nature is becoming more and more immune to chemical warfare and therefore we need to look back to nature to find a healthy solution.

Because the skin is the largest organ in the body and the place where fleas love to hang out, skin health becomes of great importance. Don’t forget to start with the internal health of your pets in the war against fleas and know that a healthy pet is less likely to suffer from flea infestations.

Herbs work inwardly by restoring, strengthening and nourishing the whole body and therefore help create a naturally glossy coat and healthy skin. If your dog is itchy, you can start by boosting his immune system. The Flea Oil can then help repel fleas and gives a general well being to your pets.

Careful and regular vacuuming of carpets, floors, and washing of animal bedding is also critical when you want to keep fleas at bay. You can then sprinkle Diatomaceous earth on clean bedding as this will dehydrate and kill any fleas that may be left over. Diatomaceous earth can usually be found in health stores or garden centres.

Essential oils in a carrier base such as grapeseed oil can provide a pleasant smelling solution to the protection against fleas and can be used both on your pets and in their beds as well. This home remedy allows you a simple method of just dabbing a few drops behind your dog's ears and above their tail for safe and effective control of fleas.

Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Karanjo, and Cedarwood are perfect for repelling annoying insects and fleas. Plus they smell good and don’t contain the dangerous chemicals which conventional flea treatments contain. Use them sparingly and never use undiluted essential oils directly on your pet's skin as these can burn.

The important thing to understand is that fleas actually spend most of their lives away from the host animal. They only invade our pets when they need food such as their blood. Female fleas prefer to lay their eggs in dark places such as the floorboards or carpet.

Flea eggs are laid when humidity is high and take about a week to hatch into larvae which then, in turn, pupate for anything between 7 and 321 days. Commercial flea treatments only kill adult fleas and do nothing to the eggs which are scattered around your house. Hence the need for careful and natural healthy flea control as it is an ongoing battle which is never fully won.


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