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Megan Roberts
Megan Roberts
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My mare develops a strong head flick in the spring & summer. Giving her the Sneeze Free formula every day cuts her symptoms down considerably.

B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
B. Hancock, Stratford, New Zealand 
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

My horse (a 24 year old mare) has always suffered from stiff joints. I have been feeding her Brookby Herbs' Free Mover and she's now running around like a two year old. She's a quite a different horse altogether - even the Vet can't believe the difference. I swear by it.

John Cottle, Clevedon
John Cottle, Clevedon
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

When the first paper volume of

I have been feeding Brookby Herbs Echinacea Organic Plus and the Herbal Health blend to my Grand Prix show jumpers for the last two years and I have been most impressed with the results. We used Echinacea Organic Plus for respiratory problems and found a remarkable improvement in the horses health. It also appeared to build the immunity to the many bugs that are now prevalent amongst horses. I am now a convert to natural products, especially Echinacea Organic Plus and I would strongly recommend the use of Brookby Herbs' products.


Chaste Tree berry for horses

Posted by Jackie Rive on

Chaste Tree berry for horses

The Chaste Tree Berry

Help for Cushing’s disease in Horses

Cushing’s disease is not something we like to talk about and certainly isn’t anything we want our horses to have, but in reality, it sometimes happens. In fact, it happens most in ponies or horses over seven years of age. Although this article is about how the chaste tree berry can help treat horses with this condition, there is no real cure for this disease. However, that doesn’t mean our horses can’t live a healthy life with the right care. Although scientists say there is no cure for this disease there have been documented cases where a chaste tree berry herbal supplement has reversed or slowed down this disease.

Cushing’s disease starts when a tumor grows in a horse’s pituitary gland. After a while, you will see changes in your horse. Your horse may exhibit just a few of the signs below, or all of them.

What Are Some of the Signs of Cushing’s Disease?

  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive urination
  • Weight loss
  • A coat that doesn’t shed easily
  • Changes of shape in the horse's body
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Inflammation inside horse hooves

There may be other symptoms that aren’t on the list, but to be sure and diagnose your horse correctly,  a vet must do some testing. Some people have said their horse has an overactive appetite, yet most horses do lose weight.

The chaste tree berry’s main use is hormone regulation, and the benefits for Cushing’s Disease are quite good.

In humans and horses, Chaste Tree is used for PMS and infertility as well as Cushing’s disease. The chaste tree berry is native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. The tree itself grows to around 15 – 20 feet tall and almost as wide. It gives a lot of coverage should you want to plant one. The tree blooms with blue, pink, purple, or white blossoms and is very beautiful. Some people like to substitute it for Lilacs.

Dietary herbal supplements have been used for many years to help the equine community, and the chaste tree berry is one of the most beneficial herbs. If your horse is showing signs of Cushing’s disease then adding a chaste tree berry supplement to their diet can be of worth trying.

When a horse has Cushing’s disease, it’s important to keep their body and their stall as clean as possible. This helps to ward off infection. With this type of cleaning and a supplemented healthy diet, you should be able to keep your horse at a healthy weight and feeling great.

A healthy horse is a happy horse!


Buy Chaste berries for your horses here.



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