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How to treat horse mood swings naturally

Just like humans, horses have their fair share of mood swings. Some days they are affectionate and eager to trek, and other days they wake up with their ears pinned, grinding their teeth. Fortunately, there are natural aids to placate those highs and lows. Nature has provided us with a wealth of herbs that can relax and nurture the nervous system and help calm the horse. This will allow our beloved companions to heal and strengthen.

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Echinacea: an aid on fighting infections in horses

Keeping the equine immune system healthy to help the horse fight off infection and disease is one particular area where herbal remedies, such as the Echinacea flowers, leaf and root have generated a lot of interest and support. The Echinacea is a plant endemic in North America, with purple or white flowers, which grows to approximately 3 feet tall. It is also known as coneflower for its conic-shaped flowers that make it a favorite ornamental plant and has been used for centuries for humans as a treatment for colds, flu, and general infections. The subject of more than 350 scientific studies, Echinacea has proved useful both in tissue regeneration and as an anti-inflammatory, at least in studies on humans. Echinacea...

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Raising Miniature Horses

Raising Miniature Horses When people think of horses, they don’t usually think of miniature horses. However, the demand for them is certainly increasing.  One reason for the demand is they are soothing to have around children or individuals with handicaps, and they are easier to handle than grown horses for many people.  Most people raise miniature horses for show. While a miniature horse can be ridden if the person riding is less than 70 pounds, it’s not recommended.  There are risk increases due to the size of the animal and possibly rider experience. Interesting Facts about Miniature Horses They are a curious and intelligent breed They are not dwarves or runts, but rather well-proportioned miniature horses They are tough horses...

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