Horse Remedies

You can help your horse's health by maintaining a healthy musculo-skeletal system, or just by feeding natural herbs for general maintenance. 

Brookby Herbs are a range of environmentally friendly herbal remedies designed to enhance your horses health. 

The dried blends can be easily mixed straight into your horses feed. With the liquid extracts, you only need a 20ml dose each day making it the best economical way to supplement your horses feed. A 1 litre bottle will give the average pony 50 days in dosage.

Both the dried and the liquid Free Mover are real customer favourites for older horses that suffer from stiff joints and to keep joints conditioned and free moving, and are best suited for horses that are in training and competing or just growing older gracefully.

Look at the most common ailments we can help you with:

free mover plus  Stiff Joints -Arthritis - Laminitis - Poor Circulation

steady mare Hormonal Mares

allergies Allergies both skin and respiratory

echinacea Coughs & Colds

immune booster Immune Booster 

Tension in the muscles Tension in the muscles