Immune Booster Plus

Immune Booster Plus

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No. 1 Natural Alcohol-Free Immune Booster


horse with a cough is usually suffering from a cold which can often happen around a change in seasons or quite simply due to the bugs circulating. You can help boost your horse's immune system by using herbs.

Herbs can help support a healthy respiratory system -

Herbs can:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Help your horse with a cough
  • Strengthen and build stamina
  • Maintain a healthy respiratory system   
This is the ideal blend for when your horse is unwell and has a cough or cold. Designed to boost the immune system while soothing the irritating symptoms of coughing and sore throats.

Ingredients in an organic cider vinegar base- no alcohol!

  •  Echinacea and garlic - natural antibiotic traditionally used by Native American Indians for everything that ailed them.
  • Marshmallow and Mullein - soothe the throat and reduce mucus.
  • Rosehips & Kelp- high in vitamin C and minerals
  • Syberian Ginseng - immune booster
  • Yarrow 
Dosage- up to 13.2 HH 5-10mls daily
13.2-15.2 HH 20 mls daily
15.2 HH upwards 30 mls daily
A 1 litre bottle will give you 50 days dosage at 20 mls daily.

To be mixed daily with your horses feed or can be syringed directly into the mouth. The dosage can be fed in a single dose or split between feeds.
Shake well before use and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

"I wanted to give you some feedback on your Immune Booster Plus which I purchased for my horse.  After two days of treatment, his rather disgusting snotty nose had totally cleared, and another two days following this, his cough has gone too. Thanks for a fantastic product that truly does work wonders.  I will be recommending it to everyone. Thanks again Jackie- my horse is happy/ I am happy" . Regards  Nicki Taylor 


This herbal extract comes in a highly nutritious cider vinegar base which your grandmother would have taken on a daily basis for general well being. Cider vinegar is high in potassium and vitamins as well as being a traditional remedy for arthritis. Customer Comments


"Recently one of my horses developed the most awful cough. I was hoping it would just right itself but after a week he was really no better so I bought the herbal Immune Booster plus and within 4 days he was better.
Thanks for your great products"


"Hi, Jackie, I wanted to give you some feedback on your Immune Booster which I purchased for my horse. After two days of treatment, his rather disgusting snotty nose had totally cleared, and another two days following this, his cough has gone too. Thanks for a fantastic product that truly does work wonders. I will be recommending it to everyone. 
Regards" Nicki

"Hi Jackie,
I brought the Immune Booster Plus as suggested for my horses cough and cold.
I did think about the vet as it seemed to be getting worse, but after a couple of days with the herbs it's just about cleared up. Thanks so much, will be recommending your products."

Cheers, Colleen

Organic Echinacea Root Extract is another great herb for boosting the immune system.

    Herb Dictionary

    Here are just some of the essential herbs for natural equine supplements.

    To find out more, click here for the full herbal guide. 

    Echinacea (root)
    (Boosts immune system

    • Enhances the immune system
    • Helps fight bugs
    • Increases white blood cells

    Fenugreek (seed)
    (Aids digestion)

    • Stimulates appetite
    • Improves condition. Extremely nutritious
    • Avoid during pregnancy

    Garlic (bulb)
    (Natural anti-biotic)

    • High in Sulphur
    • Good for the digestive system
    • Antiseptic
    • Helps repel nuisance insects

    Marshmallow (root& leaves)
    (Soothes coughing)

    • Excellent digestive herb 
    • Tonic
    • Reduces mucous
    • Used for minor skin inflammation