Steady Mare
Steady Mare

Steady Mare

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Moody Mares Can Find Great Relief in Nature's Medicine Chest

Moody mares can be a nightmare and not necessarily recognised for what they really are. If you think your horse is having pre menstrual tension (PMT) then that could be exactly what your moody mare is suffering from. If your mare is showing the typical signs of irritability and mood swings on a cyclic basis, then it is likely that she is experiencing the symptoms and suffering from the nagging pains of pre menstrual tension. Did you know that herbs can help rebalance the hormone levels and regulate the menstrual cycle? They can also help calm the nervous system.

Herbs can also:

  • act as a natural remedy for PMT
  • re balance hormone levels
  • soothe stomach cramps
  • help prevent moody and irritable behaviour
  • aid the digestive system
  • release tension

Steady Mare is a blend of Chaste Tree, Chamomile, and Vervain in an organically certifed cider vinegar base. It is a unique combination of herbs to aid the symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT). Recent studies have shown that the herb Chaste Tree can help re-balance the hormone levels and regulate the menstrual cycle. Chamomile and Vervain are relaxing herbs that will ease away stomach cramps that are making your horse oversensitive to the touch.

Chaste Tree is also a useful herb for preparing your mares for covering as well as for relieving tension. Bring tranquillity to your mare today. Steady Mare is easily administered either directly into the mare's mouth or via her food.

Dosage & Ingredients

Steady Mare is fed at a rate of 20 mls per day for an average size pony and a 1 litre bottle will give you 50 days dosage which is great value for money.
Contains: Chaste Tree, Chamomile, Vervain & cider vinegar.

Chaste Tree (Fruit, Chaste Berry - Agnus castus)

  • Natural hormone balancer
  • Sedative
  • Calminative

Vervain (leaf and flower head - Verbena officinalis)

  • Natures tension reliever
  • Restores the nervous system.
  • Good for horses that are sensitive to the touch.

Chamomile (flower - Matricaria Chamomilla)

  • Natures own calmer.
  • Soothing pain relief.
  • Helps digestive disorders.
  • Useful for menstrual cramps

 Client Reviews

No More "mareishness"! (from Tried & Tested Horse & Pony Magazine)

"When editor Joan Gilchrist asked me to trial Brookby Herbs' Steady Mare Herbal Blend, she did so with a wry smile. My mare is well known among friends as the old **** and can pull the most wicked faces at a 2 horse-lengths distance! Even her kind paddock mate ducks for cover when the MARE is back in the paddock.
I started giving her Steady Mare at a time when spring growth was beginning & spring hormone levels rising -changing nature would be a big prescription! I didn't notice any instant behavioural change, but then I didn't expect it. It wasn't until I looked back on some of the rides that I realised the mare's behaviour was definitely modified for the better.
Later in the month, I was practising in a quadrille when I ran out of the mix. This gave the mare a close-up opportunity for some real ugly face pulls. The difference was too much to believe. In her case, it took a few weeks on Steady Mare before there were any changes, but when she stopped taking it the reversion was pretty rapid. She is now back on the blend and we are all the happier for it."

"My cheeky standardbred gelding thinks he's "the man", especially in spring. He can get a bit too bossy and protective. I tried "Steady Mare" last year after a friend suggested chaste berries as a natural option to help calm things down. I hunted the internet and came across Brookby Herbs. They have an excellent product and deliver promptly.
Combined with magnesium and toxin binder, Steady Mare definitely made a difference to his behaviour, he was still his alert, 'comedian self', with the 'edge' taken off. I'm back for more Steady mare now that spring has come again." 
- Madeline Campbell

"Just a note to say what a difference I've found in my mare since she had her first bucket of Steady Mare. When I first looked at the herbs I thought "no way will she eat that" because she doesn't like any other calmers I have tried, but she loves it. Her overall outline is softer & she is working a lot better. Normally she hates the clapping, music and loud speakers at shows but I have just got home from the NZ Grand National Champ Show at Rangiora where she went very well." - S.Adams, Glazebrook Station, Blenheim

"When my mare is in season she becomes more explosive to ride, she is also less willing to work 'over her back' which spoils her dressage performance. I have found that "Steady Mare" has kept her more consistent in her temperament, she is also more willing to work when in season. This means I can now compete when she is in season, knowing she will be doing her best for me!" - Carolyn Hansen and Impulsion Covergirl.

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