Kidney Tonic

Kidney Tonic

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This herbal blend is designed for the support and maintenance of a healthy renal system and to increase blood circulation. Good sound kidney health requires a strong healthy circulation system and herbs can provide a natural means of maintenance. 

Given the fragility of the kidneys and the hard work they do it is understandable why they are often the first body structure to wear out in older age, however, an alarming amount of younger and middle aged animals succumb to kidney failure. Kidney failure can be as debilitating for animals as it is for humans and maintaining a healthy body before the onset of illness is an important part of preserving quality of life.

Kidney failure is often caused and is always compounded by a poor-quality or unbalanced diet. One contributing factor is the overabundance of phosphorous in many brands of commercial dog food. 

A variety of other problems, such as diabetes, immune system dysfunction, vaccinosis, chronic liver disease and digestive problems, often develop as the kidney damage progresses. The worst part is that the entire degenerative process can remain undetected until the damage has progressed into an irreversible state. 

Herbal supplements that are completely natural and without the side effects often associated with synthetic drugs are fabulous for maintaining healthy kidneys. These herbs are also ideal for the older dog to help alleviate some of the kidney's workload. 

The herbs contained in this blend are particularly popular for the nutritional maintenance of the kidneys and circulation system. 

To help maintain kidneys in a strong and healthy condition, we have developed an organically certified herbal extract perfect for the older dog and ideal for the competitive dog as well. 


 Based in organic cider vinegar. Contains Marshmallow, Hawthorn, Ginko, Echinacea, Dandelion Leaf, Rosehips.


Client's Testimonials:

I have used a few of Brookby Herbs for many years, in particular the Kidney Tonic. I have used this tonic daily for 4 years on my 2 goats, the male in particular suffered from urinary issues/stones, since using Kidney Tonic we have not had any further issues. Highly recommend Brookby Herbs.

Treena Mullins