Valerian Herbal Calmer
Valerian Herbal Calmer

Valerian Herbal Calmer

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An effective concentrated blend of calming herbs that have been traditionally used to promote relaxation and control the digestive system. Excellent for nervous or excitable horses that hold the tension in the muscles. 

To help relieve your horse's tense muscles today, you can also purchase our dried blend of Valerian Free Herbal Calmer.

Contains: Valerian, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Dandelion, Rosehips, Kelp, Organic Cider Vinegar

  • calm down an excitable horse 
  • reduce stress levels when dealing with new situations 
  • help horses re-learn good behaviour 
  • help horses relax when under pressure 
  • balance the digestive system 
  • promote emotional stability to help performance 
  • minimise the anxiety of travelling

A relaxed, peaceful horse naturally

Horse training and handling difficult horses can be stressful for you and your animal. You can help reduce the anxiety and tension in your horse with Herbal Calmer, especially suitable for horses that hold tension in their muscles. This dried blend can be easily mixed straight into your horse's feed making an excellent way to train & calm an anxious horse. Very useful prior to a stressful event.

"I was just amazed at how quicklyThe Herbal Calmer took effect. My horse is a 17hh 3-year-old warmblood and he's now so relaxed and happy. It's brilliant."  -  V. Streifler, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

"I found the Herbal Calmer brilliant. I started 3 of our yearlings on the Herbal Calmer with Valerian first then changed to the Valerian Free Calmer. Both were excellent and I'd highly recommend both Brookby Herb calmers to all stud owners. I was a bit unsure about using herbs to start with but am now totally convinced." -  Kathy Hogan, Brookfields Stud, New Zealand 

"Well done! Now I can seek advice 24 hours a day. Also, I have to compliment you on your fantastic products. I used the calming herbs on a highly-strung horse. She was hard to catch, feed, groom and ride. After feeding her with the herbs daily, I could do anything with her! When this mare was about to be flown to England, I fed her some calming herbs and she went into the float like a lamb. I was really pleased. Well done Brookby Herbs, keep up the fantastic products."  - C. Knock, Waipawa, CHB, New Zealand 

"I have been buying lots of your products which I love and they are the only products I use. I went from buying a lovely TB who completely lost the plot in his first ODE, where it was a nightmare. Since I purchased your Herbal Calmer and started using that, the last couple of times we have been out, he has been a dream. I have even had others comment on "What a different horse". Once again wonderful product, keep up the good work."  -  Regards, Lisa Kitto 

"I have been using your Herbal Calmer with Valerian and just love it. I had an accident which put me off riding for 4 months. I started her on the Calmer two weeks before I started riding her and was able to just hop on her back and virtually carry on from where I left off. She is a different horse. Thank you."  - Jo Young

Valerian versus Vervain comparison:

Wondering whether to choose the Valerian calmer or Valerian Free with vervain? Is your horse hard and tense with worry? Or do they flinch when you touch their sides and muscles?

If your horse holds their tension in their muscles, you may find that the calmer with valerian suits them better, whereas vervain is ideal for horses who are sensitive to the touch. 

Herb Dictionary

Here are just some of the essential herbs for soothing nervous or excitable horses. To find out more and to sign up for our monthly newsletter please click here. 

Chamomile (flower)
(Matricaria Chamomilla)

  • Natures own calmer. 
  • Soothing pain relief. 
  • Helps digestive disorders.
  • Useful for menstrual cramps

Vervain (leaf and flower head)
(Verbena officinalis)

  • Natures tension reliever
  • Restores the nervous system.
  • Good for horses that are sensitive to the touch.

Valerian (root)
(Valeriana officinalis)

  • Nature's own muscle relaxant.
  • Helps calm digestive disorders. 
  • Relaxes and calms.
Dandelion root