Herbal Calmer (Valerian Free) - Dried Herbal Blend For Horses
Herbal Calmer (Valerian Free) - Dried Herbal Blend For Horses
Herbal Calmer (Valerian Free) Dried Blend
Herbal Calmer (Valerian Free) - Dried Herbal Blend For Horses

Herbal Calmer (Valerian Free) - Dried Herbal Blend For Horses

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A wonderful selection of dried herbs blended together especially for horses that are sensitive to the touch.  A useful add-on for horses who tend to react to new or noisy environments.

Useful for both training and your riding enjoyment.

  • This blend can be useful when

    • in challenging situations
    • when traveling
    • dealing with new situations

'Calmer Plus' is the concentrated liquid version. 

Valerian versus Vervain comparison:

Wondering whether to choose the Valerian calmer or Valerian Free with vervain? Are your horses' muscles tight and tense? Or do they flinch when you touch their sides and muscles?

If your horse holds their tension in their muscles, you may find that the calmer with valerian suits them better, whereas vervain (in Valerian Free) is ideal for horses who are sensitive to the touch. 

Click here for liquid  Herbal Calmer with Valerian or liquid Calmer (with Valerian)


100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason your horse won't eat the herbs or you are unsatisfied we offer a full money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Horse training and handling difficult horses or a nervous horse can be stressful for you and your animal. 

The blends can easily be mixed straight into your horse's feed. If you prefer the liquid extract, dosage is only 20ml each day, making it a very economical add-on to your horse's feed.  Individual results may vary.

Exact measurements are not as critical with herbs so quantities can be adjusted to suit the size of the horse as well as the sensitivity of the horse. A normal guide would be 20gms daily for an average size pony 13.2hh, whereas a large horse 16.1hh and upwards will need between 30 and 50 grams daily.

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