Grain Free Dog Mix- OUT OF STOCK
Grain Free Dog Mix

Grain Free Dog Mix- OUT OF STOCK

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The easy way to enhance your dogs well-being. Super healthy vegetables and herbs in an easy pre-mix formula. Simply add water, protein of your choice and a tasty oil for an all-round healthy meal in under 10 minutes.

If you feel as other dog lovers feel, your pet is thought of and treated like a member of the family. Healthy homemade dog food is a wonderful way to show your love. Your pet is just as important to you as the other family members. You watched him grow from puppyhood to a fully mature dog that has a personality, likes and dislikes and returns unconditional love to you.

 Just as you take all precautions with your family’s health by eating the right foods including healthy snacks, you look out for how you indulge your pet as well. It is just as much fun for pet parents to give their pets homemade dog treats and healthy snacks as it is for pets to eat them. No chemicals, preservatives or synthetic additives. Allows you to control the quantity and quality of protein you add to your dogs feed.


  • Ideal for grain sensitive dogs or as a general add-on of healthy vegetables and herbs to your dogs diet.
  • 100% natural dehydrated vegetables and herbal ingredients in an easy pre –mix formula.
  • The perfect home made meal with no fuss. Know you are feeding your dog the most natural, unprocessed diet you can by offering a wonderful collection of healthy herbs and vegetables.
  • No nasty chemicals or synthetic ingredients. These may cause unwanted side effects and be unsuitable for long- term use.
  • Provides control over the amount of protein in your dogs diet.
  • Contains super healthy vegetables and herbs for all-round health including carrots, potatoes, peas, red beets, parsley, mint, kelp, rosehips and nettle.

1 scoop is equivalent to 20gms or the size of a laundry scoop. Due to our wish to reduce plastic consumption, we no longer provide scoops in the bags. We hope you understand.


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