Echinacea Leaf
Echinacea Leaf
Echinacea Leaf
Echinacea Leaf
Echinacea Leaf

Echinacea Leaf

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What's in Nature's Medicine Chest for Coughs and Colds?  

You can help boost your horse's immune system by using herbs as equine natural supplements. Herbs can help support a healthy respiratory system, which is critical to the health of your horse. If you wish to maintain your horses respiratory system in peak condition then nature has provided some excellent plants and herbs ideal for this job.

Traditionally used to maintain a healthy respiratory system and to boost the immune system. Can be used as an equine natural supplement during the winter months or as an extra boost during the competition season. Echinacea is incredibly popular for protecting human and animal health worldwide. Help prepare your horse's system for the seasonal changes and to protect their health.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason your horse won't eat the herbs or you are unsatisfied we offer a full money back guarantee. No questions asked.

 Customer Testimonials

"Great product, I use it for both my dogs and horses. Fast, efficient and helpful service. I would definitely recommend it." -Nynke Chisholm

"Originally I was skeptical but I have seen a marked improvement in our horses who are on Brookby Herb supplements. Our therapy horses only deserve the best. The service is great and I would recommend." - Wellington RDA

"I have used various Brookby Herbs supplements, for my various pets, including my horse, they are excellent. Ordering is easy and products always delivered quickly." - Kim Hill

"Great products, been using them for years!" - Charlotte O'Grady


Want to know more about herbs for horses?

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