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How To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs

It’s stressful and challenging for you and your neighbours when your beloved dog suffers from separation anxiety, and it’s surprisingly common and unnecessary. So today let’s talk about – What is separation anxiety in dogs What causes separation anxiety The symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs Can separation anxiety make your dog sick? How to treat separation anxiety Organic dog calmer Separation anxiety success stories What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs? Separation anxiety is when your puppy or dog goes into a state of anxiety or stress because they have been left alone and haven’t been trained properly to accept this state of separation on their own.  Dogs in the wild naturally separate slightly from their mothers at the age...

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Four naturally calming herbs for dogs

Anxious, nervy or excitable dog?Specific herbs are brilliant for calming your nervous dog, providing a natural and safe alternative to pharmaceutical meds and their nasty side effects. Using herbs for dogs is a mild, non-addictive and cost effective way for calming your dog – especially as they don’t require a vet visit and prescription.

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Heat Stroke in Dogs - What You Should Know

Heat Stroke in Dogs – What You Should Know   Humans are not the only ones on the planet that can fall prey to heatstroke.  Dogs and other animals can find themselves in this heated situation as well.  Because many dogs live outdoors, they are more susceptible to having a heat stroke.  In fact, heat stroke in dogs happens more often than you might think. A dog’s normal temperature is already higher than humans, coming in at around 101 degrees so excessive heat and certain medical conditions can be extremely dangerous for them. Heat stroke in dogs is medically known as hyperthermia, and this usually occurs if the dog’s temperature is 106 or over.  This can be very serious and...

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