Healing Hoof Oil

Healing Hoof Oil

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A natural herbal hoof oil which contains healing essential oils and herbal extracts. Can be used for horses with Navicular, founder, pedal osteitis and laminitis.. This herbal treatment comes in a linseed oil base and helps reduce inflammation and promote healthy circulation.

Ingredients: Linseed oil, comfrey extract, kelp extract, rosemary oil, Arnica, Willow bark, Wintergreen, horsetail extract

Apply oil sparingly once per day around coronet , on the hoof itself and also underneath. Can also be used on strained muscles and ligaments to reduce inflammation.

Merck's Veterinary Manual:-

"Pedal osteitis is an inflammation of the sensitive structures of the volar aspect of the forefeet, associated with osteitis and demineralization of the coffin bone. Repeated concussion, laminitis, persistent corns, and chronic bruised sole have been implicated as causes. Pedal osteitis is common in performance horses and usually is associated with work on hard tracks. Lameness may not be obvious because usually both forelimbs are affected. There may be a stilted or shuffling action in front, with signs of discomfort in the hoof region. Percussion and pressure from hoof testers usually reveal tenderness over the whole of the sole. Radiography is helpful in diagnosis and in differentiation between navicular disease.


Treatment involves prolonged rest, anti-inflammatory medication, and careful shoeing to relieve sole pressure. Prognosis is guarded, but the serviceable soundness of many horses can be extended by proper management."