1) How do herbs work? 
2) Will my horse eat herbs? 
3) Are Herbal Medicines Safe?
4) How long do herbs take to work?
5) What dosage of herbs should I feed my horse?
6) How many doses does each bucket of herbs contain?
7) What is the Shelf Life of the Herbs?
8) What does "Organically Grown" really mean? 
9) What if I'm not happy with the products I've purchased?

1) How do herbs work?

Herbs are wonderful in providing important vitamins and minerals essential to good health. Many herbs contain powerful active ingredients which have been used for healing over many centuries. In the past, horses were able to forage on a wide range of plants and herbs which provided a well balanced diet. Today, we "manage" our paddocks by eliminating weeds thus reducing our horses' diet to grass and processed feeds. Brookby Herbs' herbal blends can help restore the balance to your horse's diet.

2) Will my horse eat herbs?

Most horses love herbs. Some herbs do have a strong flavour and should be introduced gradually and be mixed in with normal feed. If you're not sure, contact us for a free sample. Most horses love the taste of cider vinegar making the organic extracts an easy and tasty supplement.

3) Are Herbal Medicines Safe?

Herbs contain powerful actives and many synthetic medicines are based on the ingredients which occur naturally in plants. Brookby Herbs' products only contain herbs which have been proven safe and effective for use in equine care and can be administered alone or along with conventional medicines. 
(CAUTION: In the case of pregnant mares, seek veterinary advice before using any herbs.)

4) How long do herbs take to work?

Herbs work by treating the body as a whole, as opposed to treating the symptoms in isolation. Therefore it is necessary to allow adequate time for the herbs to be absorbed and to take effect. Often good results are seen after a week and sometimes even in a few days. Generally you should allow up to a few weeks for the herbs to be fully absorbed into the horse's system. Like people, different horses respond differently to the treatment. A course of 3 months is often recommended to bring about a change in the body and blends such as the Free Mover can be safely taken long term.

5) What dosage of herbs should I feed my horse?

For an average size pony (13 hands high) the daily dosage is 25 - 30 grams of dried herbs. Larger horses (16 hands high) require between 30 - 50 grams daily. Exact measurements are not as critical as with synthetic medicines so quantities can be adjusted to suit the size and sensitivity of your horse.

With the liquid extracts the dosage rates are 5-10 mls daily for 13.2 HH, 20 mls daily for 13.2 HH- 15.2 HH, 30 mls daily for 15.2 HH upwards. 500 ml and 1 litre bottles have a built in chamber for easy measuring.

6) How many doses does each bucket of herbs contain?

The dosage required depends on the type of herb being used. Please see the products in our online Shop for details. 1 Litre bottles contain 50 days treatment on average.

7) What is the Shelf Life of the Herbs?

Herbs should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight. If stored correctly the dried herbs should remain active for at least 12 months. After this period of time, they can still be used but they may lose some of their potency. The liquid extracts have a 2 year shelf life.

8) What does "Organically Grown" really mean?

Organically grown plants are cultivated without the use of artificial fertilisers and are not sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. The crops are grown in an environmentally sustainable manner. All the cider vinegar in the liquid ranges for horses and dogs are organically certified by AgriQuality NZ.

9) What if I'm not happy with the products I've purchased?

Because we have processed or personally sourced our herbs from well known reliable sources, we are proud to back up all our products with a full money back guarantee. If the quality of herbs doesn't match your expectations, then simply return the unused portion of the herbs and receive a full refund of the purchase cost . We are so confident that you and your horse will love Brookby Herbs that we offer you this full  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Simply return to us the unused portion along with your name, address and the reason you're returning the product.

Do you have a question? Feel free to email us directly.